Posted in: Living Posted on: Dec 28th, 2015

A Brief Look at Hartford County

Photo Credit: West Hartford by Ragesoss | CC-BY-SA-3.0

One of the oldest cities in the United States, Hartford, CT was founded in 1637 by a group of puritans from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Today, the city and its surrounding region have become a popular place to live not just because of its historical significance, but also because of the great restaurants, entertainments venues, and parks in the area. If you’re considering moving to apartments in Hartford County, check out the guide below so that you can explore the city before taking the leap.

Places to Eat

For old school Italian fare in your city, head to Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. It’s been in business for nearly a century — namesake Frank Pepe opened the first location in New Haven in 1925. Its chefs continue to craft the tomato pies and specialty pizzas the same way, baking them to bubbly and golden-brown, to-order, in a coal-fired oven. Try the creative white clam pizza with olive oil, garlic, and oregano for something a little different.

If you’re more interested in American grub, then Corey’s Catsup and Mustard can oblige. The popular local watering hole serves up gourmet versions of American comfort food, ranging from specialty burgers to grilled cheese sandwiches. It even offers a few lighter, healthier options, such as the Veggie Maddness burger and the grilled chicken sandwich on a pretzel bun. You can also grab a burger at Shady Glen, or you can just indulge in some ice cream after dinner elsewhere.

Things to See

If what you’re hungry for is actually entertainment, you have plenty of options nearby. The Hartford Funny Bone is just one. This comedy club brings talents from all over to perform. Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock have performed at Funny Bone clubs across the country, so that should give you a good idea of the caliber of the comedians on the stage here. If you’re bringing the kids along, however, you might want to skip the show and head straight to the Lutz Children’s Museum. This converted schoolhouse features ever-changing exhibits that recreate everything from Main Street in 1943 to a working farm in the 1800’s. You can also enjoy a more laid-back evening at Rave Cinema, a contemporary movie theater nearby that shows current-release films in hi-def or IMAX.

Get Outside

On a sunny day, you might not want to be cooped up in a museum or movie theater. That’s when you should check out one of the green spaces that your city has to offer. Wickham Park is probably the most popular because it’s more than your average town park. It plays host to The Aviary, where Red-Tailed hawks, Canadian geese, and Great Horned owls all flutter around. There’s also the nature center, complete with eclectic exhibits focused on the natural history of the region.

You can also go for a hike or a run at Case Mountain, a 744-foot peak overlooking nearby Hartford. Traverse one of its snaking trails up to the top and drink in the view while you enjoy a picnic or just linger for a few minutes. For a longer trek, connect to the Shenipsit Trail, which stretches for 29 miles.