Posted in: Living Posted on: Aug 12th, 2016

Consider These Resources When Renting in Manchester

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Are you newly renting in Manchester and looking for some apartment decorating tips? Luckily for you, there are some amazing places just around town that can help. If you have a little bit of creativity, you can make an empty white box look amazing, and there’s no limit to styles. Figure out what you like when it comes to home decoration, and just run with that! With the help of these three places, decorating your new home can be a breeze.

Pinewood Furniture

Pinewood Furniture is one of the most unique furniture shops in Connecticut. Here, you can roam the enormous showroom looking for the exact piece you want and you don’t have to worry about colors or stains at all, because everything is unfinished. Once you pick a piece that you love, the employees will help you with a plan to customize it as you please. You can have your dream piece of furniture in whatever color or stain that you want! Have Pinewood stain it for you, or bring it home and do it yourself. The store’s website is full of tips on decorative finishing. You’ll find styles like distressing, antiquing, glazing, creating faux marble, and even something called pickling. Pickling is applying a light color stain to the wood, then wiping off the stain to let the color of the wood show through. If you’re into customization, this is the place for you.

E.M. Dougan Art and Framing

The owners of E.M. Dougan Art and Framing have a shop connected to their framing shop that’s full of unique fine crafts. This is the place to buy some fantastic, local art. You’ll find pieces like stained glass, sculpture, painting, handmade glass bowls, drawings, photographs, pottery, and jewelry. If you don’t find something you like, you can always commission the owner of the shop to create a unique painting just for you. She works in acrylic, watercolor, and even encaustic. Or, say you already have a piece of art that you love. That’s not a problem either, because right next door is their framing shop. Bring in your favorite art piece to be framed in a huge variety of styles and colors. E.M. Dougan Art and Framing has something for everyone.

Woodland Gardens

One of the best ways to brighten up a home is with fresh flowers and plants. There’s nothing like bringing nature indoors to make a house feel like a home. And Woodland Gardens is the perfect place to help you when renting in Manchester. If you have a large enough windowsill, why not grab a window box and fill it with some beautiful, colorful flowers. Or if you’re looking for something a little bit smaller, check out some succulents, which are incredibly easy to care for and look beautiful both alone and in little clusters. All they need is a little bit of sunlight, and they’ll practically take care of themselves.

Hopefully, with these tips, your apartment will start feeling like a home before you know it.