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Get Your Hair Did at One of These Manchester Salons

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If you’re planning a move to Manchester, CT, you have a lot to sort out — getting to know the roads, finding a new doctor, acclimating to your new home and even maybe a new job, meeting new local friends, and finding a new salon for hairstyling and spa services. Searching for a reliable person to cut your hair or give you your monthly massage can be incredibly stressful because it often involves going through a trial and error period of trying to a few different places and possibly being unhappy with the results. Luckily for you, here are three tried and true salons in Manchester that will easily become your trusted favorites. Each of them has their own philosophy and set of treatments, so there is something for everyone.

Azure Hair and Day Spa

Azure Hair and Day Spa’s motto is that pampering doesn’t need to be pretentious; they want you to feel as comfortable as possible. The white and gold interior sets the mood for relaxation. They have so many options for treatments that you’ll likely just need to come here for anything salon or spa-related. The stylists and aestheticians at Azure do full hair service, including cut, color and special occasion hairstyling, and also all forms of hair removal. The salon also offers manicures and pedicures, reflexology and paraffin treatments. You can even have callus peels done! You can get specialty facials where you can add on Revitalight LED. In terms of body treatments, Azure offers five different types of body wraps, therapeutic and hot stone massages, and reiki. Want to try it all? Sign up for one of their three spa packages. The Day of Pampering package includes a therapeutic massage, an European facial, a manicure, a spa pedicure, a blow dry, makeup, and lunch. Make an appointment and you’ll see why it’s known as one of the top spas in Manchester.

Alluring Beauty Spa

Alluring Beauty Spa is focused on a holistic approach to skin, body, and hair treatments. The stylists and aestheticians get you long-lasting results using non-invasive procedures. Alluring Beauty Spa offers three categories of treatments. There’s skin and body care, which includes chemicals peels, skin tightening, cellulite treatments and more. Hair treatments include hair restoration and hair removal. There’s also their massage and spa category, which has spa manicures, massage therapy, Mesotherapy, and Pressotherapy. Some employees at this spa are fluent in both english and Spanish, too.

Green Tangerine

When it comes to salons in Manchester, Green Tangerine stands out in the crowd. It’s a cutting-edge salon with some of the best treatments that are available today. Everything in this salon is state-of-the-art — from the equipment to the furniture. The professionals at Green Tangerine believe you never need an excuse to be good to yourself and they welcome everyone into their space. Green Tangerine is designed to be a relaxation sanctuary, and once you step through the doors, chances are you’ll agree. The services are incredibly diverse. The hair salon offers extensions with real human hair. They have many different kinds of massages: Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and even a specialized massage for pregnant women. There are also quite a few facial choices, including anti-aging, clear complexion, microdermabrasion, and vitamin-c infusion. And facials aren’t just for women! Try the Gentlemen’s Facial, which addresses skin irritations caused by shaving and exposure to the elements.

So you see, moving to Manchester doesn’t mean you’ll have to put your favorite treatments on hold. Before you know it, one of these fantastic salons could become your go-to spot. Be sure to check them all out.