Posted in: Entertainment Posted on: Jan 12th, 2016

Grow Manchester’s Economy By Supporting These 3 Local Businesses

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Renting in Manchester, CT can be a fun and engaging experience. Residents with families and single professionals alike have a lot to enjoy within this growing town. If you are new to Manchester, one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with your new surroundings is to visit the many shops and businesses that are locally owned and operated. Each local entrepreneur has built a business from the ground up, or has maintained a family business that has served the community for multiple generations. Supporting these businesses grants you the chance to learn about your new town from a personal perspective, and it also helps to keep the local economy strong. Read on to learn about a few local companies that demonstrate everything that is special about Manchester.

Eating Out in Town

Not many restaurants can offer you more than one dining experience under the same building, but the culinary professionals at Cavey’s are able to do just that. The first floor of the restaurant presents an ornate French restaurant, with very complex and finely prepared cuisine. If you venture upstairs, however, you are transported to a comfortable Northern Italian restaurant, featuring pastas that are hearty and handmade, but served with light sauces. No matter which level you choose, you are treated to dishes with local and seasonal ingredients, prepared by the expert chefs of Cavey’s. If you ever have a difficult time deciding which part of the restaurant you plan on dining in, you are welcome to visit the restaurant’s lounge to order a cocktail and enjoy light jazz. That should help you decide what you are in the mood for!

Flower Power

When you move to a new community, you need to find new service providers for all of your routine needs. If you are searching for a new florist, look no further than Brown’s Flowers. A local business in Manchester that is family-owned, Brown’s is dedicated to helping you find the perfect floral arrangement. Their ample selection includes fresh flowers, tropical plants, and European varieties. Whether you need a single floral set, or a grouping of arrangements for a special event, Brown’s is available to help you. If you are looking for something different, they can provide dried flower arrangements, gift and fruit baskets, silk arrangements, and candles. For your convenience, they can also offer local delivery services!

For Your Health

Americans are paying more attention to what they are eating these days, and demand for health and nutritional services is only going to increase. But there are local businesses that are ahead of the trend. Since 1956, health-conscious shoppers renting in Manchester have been able to go to Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe. For all of your needs with herbs, vitamins, sports supplements, natural body care, allergen & gluten-free food, and fresh fruits & nuts, Manchester Parkade is here to serve you. The family business is owned by founder Michael Dworkin, PD, CCN, and is managed by his daughter, Erika Dworkin, a Certified Lifestyle Educator and Nutrition Consultant. When you shop at Manchester Parkade, you can feel confident in the products you buy and the friendly & knowledgeable staff.

Opting to support local businesses is a great way to help your community grow and thrive!